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Utilities today, no matter what size, face a number of significant challenges in their market environment. The last decade has provided striking evolution into deregulation, alternative energy sources, and smart metering among many other changing market variables. Utilities are required to constantly advance with these market trends, as well as their growing customer base in order to be competitive and profitable. To succeed in this environment, the need for efficiency, insightful business intelligence, and a system that is flexible to adapt to these changing times is a must.

Plug in to the new energy era with SAP solutions for the utilities industry. Our energy management systems for utility companies will help you navigate environmental challenges while improving regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. From smart grid analytics and meter data management to demand-side management tools, we have everything you need to become a best-run utility.

That is what the Quintel solution delivers. It gives the right people, the right information, application, or service, at the right time. Most importantly it is at the right cost, with minimal business risks. The Quintel solution will first decrease your TCO and leverage existing IT systems; second, it will give you an IT solution from a trusted vendor with an implementation that requires minimum downtime and which at the same time offers the flexibility to grow with your needs.

Solutions for Utilites

Case studies

Client testimonial

“Quintel played a key role in the successful implementation of SAP CCS at Public Service Electric and Gas. They delivered skilled and talented employees that supported us long after go-live, in areas such as Billing efficiencies, financial closings, and call center operations. Their call center expertise accelerated our call performance to better than pre SAP levels.”
Joe Forline, Vice President Customer Service, Public Service Electric & Gas Company

Client testimonial

“At the conclusion of our implementation at Energy East, SAP shared several observations about our CIS implementation initiative lead by Quintel Management Consultants. 1. This was the fastest implementation that they have observed in the utility sector. 2. This was also the first simultaneous multiple company implementation involving more than two companies in the utility sector. 3. Executive Management led the projects not IT 4. SAP also thought it unique that the implementation was driven exclusively by economic justification. 5. The implementation was accomplished without hiring a large integrator. 6. Finally, the project was completed on time and under budget.”
Michael McClain, Senior Vice President & CFO, Energy East

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