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Quintel is both an LE PartnerEdge and VAR SME Channel partner with Active Quality Management accreditation. Our SME solution is an "out-of-the-box," or pre-configured, SAP solution that will promote implementation of a functionally rich product with minimal modifications. The Quintel solution is designed specifically for small to mid-sized utilities and government entities, supporting the continued growth and flexibility that is demanded in the utility and public sector industries. Our fully integrated solution utilizes business processes from SAP Best Practices offerings that have been perfected and refined over SAP's 40 years in the software and process improvement industry.

Over the past few years, Quintel and SAP partnered together to make significant improvements to SAP's powerful solutions in order to become more cost-effective and flexible enough for any sized organization.  The result is a highly scalable set of solutions for any organization, big or small.  A huge benefit to customers is that SAP can be delivered as complete "package" or customers can pick and choose the functionality that best meets their needs.  This provides significant advantages in terms of implementation timeline and overall cost.  Another added benefit is the recent innovations in making SAP's user interface intuitive and very easy to use.

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